The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police today is comprised of an extensive series of Committees dedicated to dealing with a wide range of issues important to public safety and security and to improving Canadian policing and the criminal justice system. In this regard, CACP Committees make meaningful and useful contributions in a number of areas.

    The Association currently has the following Committees:

    CACP Committees deal with some of the most complex and important issues facing policing in Canada today.

    These issues include:

    • Lawful access and encryption
    • Hate crimes
    • Proceeds of crime and money laundering regulations
    • Drug awareness training
    • National road safety
    • Organized Crime
    • Data/Statistic Collection
    • Family Violence
    • Youth Crime
    • Canada/US Border Security
    • Interprovincial Jurisdiction Issues
    • Police ethics and moral reasoning
    • Workplace violence
    • White collar crime
    • Firearms legislation
    • Counter-terrorism
    • Traffic Safety