Human Resources and Learning Committee


    The HRLC acts as an advisor to the CACP on practices, issues and trends in strategic human resource management, training and education that affects policing in Canada.  In order to meet this mandate, the CACP HRLC will:

    1. Encourage and facilitate the coordinated exchange of ideas, procedures and specific information for the professional leadership and management of all human resource components within police agencies;
    2. Work with and assist other CACP committees by facilitating research, identifying best practices and sharing information related to HR matters;
    3. Create and develop the highest standards of proficiency in policing through the fostering and encouragement of police training, education and research;
    4. Make recommendations for program development and course content at Canadian police academies/training and education institutions;
    5. Research and provide recommendations on contemporary HR related strategic priorities; and,
    6. Form liaisons and key partnerships with such other organizations as may be beneficial in achieving the objectives of the CACP.

    Strategic Priorities/Objectives:

    1. Enhance partnerships to advance the agenda of the CACP in the areas of Human Resources and Learning by being proactive and by addressing issues identified by the CACP Board;
    2. Partner with the CAPE, CPKN and other organizations to ensure that CACP needs are being met, resources are optimized, an overlap is minimized;
    3. Pursue enhanced cooperation among Canadian Police colleges and academies;
    4. Enhance  mental well-being in the police workplace; and
    5. Address issues related to the economics of community safety and the sustainability of the current model of policing.

    Significant Accomplishments 2015/2016:

    • Meetings included discussions to define outcomes and closure to the Professionalism in Policing research and report and presentations on Agency Wide Approaches to Ethics, The Ethical Impact of Social Media and Increased Public Accountability on Policing and an overview of the Professionalism in Policing literature review.
    • Prepared for launch of 2nd PIP survey.
    • Article published on How to encourage reporting of professional misconduct.
    • Worked with CPKN to develop ethics and professionalism e-learning products based on survey results.

    Initiatives Planned 2016/2017:

    • Complete literature review from the PIP study and prepare article A New Model of Police Professionalism.
    • Continue delivery of training at recruit and senior officer and executive levels and host a joint CACP/CPC/OPS annual ethics session
    • Conduct a second survey on Professionalism in Policing
    • Meet with the CACP Research Foundation to discuss formalizing working relationships with researchers.