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Board of Directors 2023-2024

Our Board of Directors includes Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Commissioners and Directeurs of Police Services who are representative of the widespread regions of Canada and who are elected by the membership. This group of executive officers is assisted in the management of the organization’s affairs by an Executive Director located at the national office in Ottawa, which serves as the central coordinating bureau for the Association’s various activities. The CACP office also publishes five Magazines and an Annual Directory which serve as the main communication links with the membership and all other stakeholders.


  • danny-smyth.jpg


    Chief Danny Smyth
    Winnipeg Police Service

  • bryan-larkin.jpg

    Past President

    Deputy Commissioner Bryan Larkin
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • jerel-swamp.jpg

    Vice-President / Director - First Nations

    Chief Jerel Swamp
    Rama Police Service

  • pierre-brochet.jpg

    Vice-President / Director - Québec

    Chief Pierre Brochet
    Laval Police Service

  • jodie-boudreau.jpg

    Federal Policing

    Deputy Commissioner Jodie Boudreau
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • thomas-carrique.jpg


    Commissioner Thomas Carrique
    Ontario Provincial Police



  • del-manak.jpg

    British Columbia

    Chief Constable Del Manak
    Victoria Police Department

  • dwayne-mcdonald.jpg

    British Columbia

    Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • dale-mcfee.jpg


    Chief Dale McFee
    Edmonton Police Service

  • richard-lowen.jpg


    Chief Richard Lowen
    Estevan Police Service

  • Halley,%2bScot,%2bDeputy%2bChief%2b2.png


    Deputy Chief Scot Halley
    Winnipeg Police Service

  • myron-demkiw.jpg


    Chief Myron Demkiw
    Toronto Police Service

  • gary-conn.jpg


    Chief Gary Conn
    Chatham-Kent Police Service

  • fady-dagher.jpg


    Chief Fady Dagher
    Montreal Police Service

  • gary-forward.jpg

    New Brunswick

    Chief Gary Forward
    Woodstock Police Force

  • don-maclean.jpg

    Nova Scotia

    Chief Don MacLean
    Halifax Regional Police Service

  • jennifer-ebert.jpg

    Newfoundland & Labrador

    Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Ebert
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • brad-macconnell.jpg

    Prince Edward Island

    Chief Brad MacConnell
    Charlottetown Police Service

  • sydney-lecky.jpg

    Northern Territories

    Chief Superintendent Sydney Lecky
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • rotenberg-aviva-2021.jpg

    CACP Executive Director

    Aviva Rotenberg

  • lynda-bordeleau.jpg

    CACP General Counsel

    Ms. Lynda Bordeleau
    Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP


The CACP is most grateful for the support and counsel of Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP.