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Position Statements

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) deeply respects the commitment of all officers who serve and protect Canadians, putting the safety and security of others ahead of their own. We aim to engage Justice and Public Safety officials and improve relationships, the level of communication and sharing of information between our organizations.


  • On April 29, the CACP issued a statement on the British Columbia decision to make the consumption of illicit drugs illegal in public spaces
  • On February 08, the CACP issued a statement on Combatting Auto Theft.


  • On December 19, the CACP published a statement supporting the passing of Bill C-21 on firearms.
  • On December 4, the CACP published a statement applauding the passing of Bill C-48 on bail reform.
  • On October 11, the CACP issued a statement on Israel.
  • On July 11, the CACP issued a statement seeking continued momentum on bail reform

Briefs presented to parliamentary committees