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Membership Benefits

Individuals choose to become members of a professional association for a number of reasons. We hope one or more of the following are true for you:

  • Continuing Professional Development: The CACP is a leading provider of police leadership and industry knowledge/training in Canada. As a CACP member, you receive discounts on registration fees for the annual summit conferences and events.
  • Networking: The CACP provides you with an opportunity to interact with law enforcement colleagues and subject matter experts in person or online. As a CACP member, you are invited to take part in conferences and events. You will receive password-protected access to the members-only website where you can access restricted online resources and the comprehensive membership directory. 
  • Publications: The CACP prides itself on keeping members informed about the latest issues, trends, programs and products related to the most important and complex issues facing policing and police leaders today. As a CACP member, you receive a free subscription to the print and digital tri-annual Canadian Police Chief Magazine, the digital annual CACP Membership Guide, the weekly CACP News Alert newsletter email, and the digital Annual Review.
  • Resources: The CACP has a number of committees dedicated to dealing with a wide range of issues important to public safety and security and to improving Canadian policing and the criminal justice system. As a CACP member, you will have complete access to resources and reference materials (e.g. policy statements, strategies, videos, research, etc.) produced by CACP committees, in partnership with other organizations, or endorsed by the CACP, to support planning and decision-making for your respective law enforcement agency.
  • Awards & Recognition: Each year, the CACP presents and/or nominates law enforcement leaders for special awards and medals to highlight leadership and excellence in the field of law enforcement.
  • Affinity Program: CACP members are entitled to a discount program made possible through corporate partnerships with select providers.

Engagement Opportunities

Don’t just join the CACP, become actively involved in your professional association. To get the most out of your membership, you are invited to share your knowledge, experience, insight, and competencies with others. You can help define and evolve police leadership in Canada.  

  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors: Help define the priorities, guide the efforts and steer the initiatives of the CACP. To become a leader among leaders, familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of a Director and complete the nomination process.
  • Serve as a member or co-chair of a committee: Help develop the resources (e.g. policies, standards, strategies, training, checklists, etc.) related to a specific CACP strategic policing priority. The CACP has over 20 active committees dedicated to dealing with a wide range of issues important to public safety and security and to improving Canadian policing and the criminal justice system. Express your interest in joining a committee today.
  • Serve as a CACP ambassador: Represent the CACP as a guest speaker at a conference, as an official spokesperson for the media, and/or as a CACP subject matter expert in partner initiatives. Be a champion of CACP priorities in your respective police service and in your community. To volunteer your services, send your expression of interest to
  • Serve as a guest contributor/author: Produce articles or blogs to be published in the CACP’s professional publications, on its website, and/or on its social media channels. Help keep your fellow members informed of new issues and opportunities, successful trends and approaches and/or lessons learned. To volunteer your services, send your proposed ideas and/or content to
  • Attend and actively participate in conferences and events: Enhance your competencies and credibility in order to advance your career. The CACP organizes a number of conferences and workshops across the country, throughout the year. Some events are delivered by the CACP on its own, while others are done in partnership with other credible organizations. See which upcoming Conferences & Events might be of interest to you by visiting our upcoming event page.