Drug Advisory Committee


    To promote safer and healthier communities through proactive leadership by addressing and influencing prevention, enforcement and treatment of substance abuse.

    Significant Accomplishments 2015/2016:

    • Provided information and expertise to Committees and CACP members on Fentanyl and W-series drugs, intra-nasal Naloxone, and remediation of contaminated drug sites.  Developed messaging campaigns, reached out to media and communities, and advocated for related legislative change.  Endorsed harm reduction strategies.
    • Participated in the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse research project in Washington State on health social, economic and public safety impacts of cannabis legalization for non-therapeutic use.  CCSA published Cannabis Regulations:  Lessons Learned in Colorado and Washington State.
    • Addressed law enforcement issues and concerns related to the legalization of marijuana at Public Safety Canada’s Roundtable on the Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana. Issues highlighted included residential marijuana grows, drug impaired driving, organized crime, and youth usage of marijuana.
    • Supported development of Bill S-225 to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to schedule Fentanyl precursors.   Appeared before the Standing Senate Committee to speak to the Bill.
    • Participated in Public Safety Canada, Health Canada, and Justice Canada to advocate for regulation of pill presses and pill sorting machines.
    • Endorsed the Know your Source campaign and encouraged cross-Canada participation in this initiative, developed by BC police agencies in 2015.
    • Endorsed Bill C-224 to exempt persons from possession of narcotic charges if they seek medical attention for a medical emergency, with reservations and provided the House of Commons Standing Committee with written submissions .
    • Informed Government of significant public safety risks posed by W-18.  W-18 was scheduled in June, 2016.
    • Coordinated Drug Drop off Day 2016.
    • Provided input and appeared at the United National General Assembly Special Session with the Minster of Health to discuss the significant issues posed by synthetic opiods.

    Initiatives Planned 2016/2017:

    • Continue work with Health Canada, Public Safety, Justice and the CCSA to provide leadership and expertise on marijuana legalization, and prepare for a legalized system.
    • Continue to advocate for new legislation and tools to disrupt importation and distribution of Fentanyl and W-series drugs and work with Health Canada to implement strategies to address the rising number of overdoses related to these drugs.
    • Transition Prescription Pill Drop off Day to the Canadian Pharmacy Association, and determine the role for CACP moving forward.
    • Work with health sector partners, including pharmacists and physicians to develop a National Prescription Drug Misuse Strategy.
    • Advocate for legislative amendments to allow for safer, faster, and more efficient handling and disposition of goods seized under the CDSA to reduce dangers posed by the handling and storage of Fentanyl and W-series drugs.