Organized Crime Committee


    The Committee is to address the needs of the Canadian law enforcement community in combating organized crime. Governed by the imperative of public safety security and quality of life impacting all citizens of Canada and their communities, the CACP Organized Crime Committee (OCC) promotes innovative law enforcement strategies and contributes to public policy and legislative change as a meaningful partner to the safety and security of Canadians and international partners.

    Strategic Priorities/Objectives:

    1. To explore, evaluate and promote innovative law enforcement initiatives against organized crime through leadership in both national and international levels, through:
      1. research,
      2. best practice/training,
      3. legislative/police reform,
      4. International partnerships/trends,
      5. ensuring public awareness, and
      6. addressing gaps and barriers.
    2. Enhance public communications, awareness and education through advocacy with regard to policy and legislation.
    3. Promote policy development and action against organized crime.
    4. Forge partnerships and model action plans to guide a unified law enforcement response to the threat of organized crime in Canada.
    5. Reduce the threat and impact of organized crime.

    Significant Accomplishments 2016/2017:

    • The National Undercover Operations Working Group finalized a best practices template for the major crime technique and created a check list for the tracking of major crime investigations and files that use undercover operators.that aims to increase successful outcomes by ensuring that front-line investigators are prepared for court.  The group is also working on deconfliction of online undercover/covert operations.
    • In cooperation with Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) has created a central repository in ACIIS to enhance the sharing of Intelligence on human trafficking. 
    • Continued promotion of awareness for members on Fentanyl related issues. In cooperation with the RCMP, supported initiation of a national Fentanyl strategy that includes an online Drug Identification course, launched on the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN), to train front-line officers on identifying street drugs.
    • Provided support and endorsement for the work being done by the CACP POLIS Committee to improve the quality of the Organized Crime flag reported through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) survey. Contributed and supported  recommendations and best practices developed by the POLIS Committee, and co-presented with POLIS Committee to seek endorsement from the CACP Board of Directors.
    • Compiled information and provided feedback to the CACP on how the new Cannabis Act would impact organized crime.
    • Prepareda proposal for an Organized Crime Enforcement Award,  designed to focus police intelligence and enforcement efforts on the priorities set by the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized  Crime Committee (CIROC); increase risk awareness regarding organized crime, and sharing of best practices within the Canadian law enforcement community through the Award’s selection and presentation process.

    Initiatives Planned 2017/2018:

    • Work with the RCMP, SQ, OPP, ALERT and BC representatives to develop a training and awareness strategy and training plan for front-line officers on outlaw motorcycle gangs.
    • Develop a communications piece related to organized crime in general.
    • Continue to work closely with the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime committee to address issues of strategic importance.
    • Subject to the approval of the CACP Board of Directors, implement the proposed Organized Crime Award.