Private Sector Liaison Committee


    Advance, facilitate, and improve the quality, strength, and effectiveness of the relationships among the CACP, its committees, and other working bodies, and all relevant private sector economic and market sectors.


    1. Prevention – education and awareness
    2. Enforcement – civil, criminal and regulatory
    3. Information – data, analysis and disruption

    Significant Accomplishments 2017-2018

    • Presented the 2018 Policing Partnership Award to recognize the contributions of Mr. Barry Elliott, the founder of Phone Busters.
    • Discussed opportunities to expand relationships with other CACP committees, the Canadian police community, and provincial partners.

    Initiatives Planned for 2019

    • Increase committee membership to improve cross-country representation.
    • Manage the CACP Policing Partnership Award.
    • Build relationships with other CACP Committees, law enforcement agencies and provincial organizations.