Private Sector Liaison Committee

    The Committee consists of professionals in the business community working alongside service law enforcement officers to provide value and input to increasing bonds between the public and private sector.


    1. To be the national conduit that continuously strengthens the partnership between the private security sector, government agencies and the law enforcement community
    2. To achieve mutual goals through the sharing of info and best practices to better protect the interests of our stakeholders.

    Significant Accomplishments 2015/2016:

    • Analyzed priority sectors for government and aligned membership to ensure representation from these sectors
    • Worked on Committee branding through the marketing of products including the PSLC log, brochure and banners and presentations to external groups such as the Private Sector Fraud Summit.
    • Established a web-platform permitting PSLC members access to a central repository for meeting information and to facilitate information sharing across the group.
    • Met with on-site staff of Bruce Power Corp for security demonstrations and discussions of PSLC functions.
    • Increased support of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC).
    • Facilitated a pilot of information sharing of criminal data between law enforcement and financial institutions. This led to joint involvement the Canadian Cyber-Threat Exchange project.
    • Hosted the Combatting Corruption and Fraud educational forum.
    • Held a strategic planning session to re-evaluate and refine Committee mission and mandate and plan for long term initiatives.
    • Members made presentations to the Risk and Cybercrime Conference, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Canadian Bank Note Company, and international policing partners.

    Initiatives Planned 2016/2017:

    • Advance awareness of the renewed PSLC role through Take 5 media initiative and other “marketing” opportunities.
    • Propose pilot to have a non-voting PSLC member to attend meetings of the CACP executive for a trial period.
    • Enhance communications to a wide range of public and private security sectors through the CACP PSLC Education Forum and the Police/Private Partnership award
    • Cultivate relationships with other Committees to promote linkage networks with private industry.