Police Information and Statistics (POLIS) Committee


    Work in partnership with the Policing Services Program of the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, a Division of Statistics Canada, and other partners, to develop and communicate meaningful public safety information.


    • Recommend a suite of national, uniform police performance and community safety indicators that are or will be feasible to collect.
    • Establish common categories for classifying calls for service and support feasibility work for common data collection.
    • In collaboration with the E-crimes Committee and other relevant stakeholders, improve the availability of cybercrime data via the UCR and other sources, and work with the E-crimes Committee to validate statistical needs of policing organizations and an inventory of police and non-police measurements.
    • Support the redesign of the Police Administration Survey and the Homicide Survey.

    Significant Accomplishments 2017-2018

    • Made recommendations regarding the collection of data on unfounded incidents collected via the UCR Survey, developed and implemented changes to the UCR Survey, and developed training.
    • Examined the feasibility of collecting national uniform data on calls for service and endorsed recommendations for standard data collection.
    • Endorsed a national set of standard police performance indicators.
    • Provided input into the redesign of Statistics Canada’s Police Administration Survey and its Homicide Survey.
    • Identiiedy the availability of data to produce performance metrics related to the legalization of marijuana.
    • Considered national standards for classification of sex/gender in the UCR survey, and
    • Reviewed 16 reports by the CCJS to provide policing perspective and input.

    Initiatives Planned for 2019

    • Monitor and measure violations of the Cannabis Act, federal impaired driving and provincial/territorial cannabis regulations;
    • Fill gaps in information on firearm-related crime;
    • Work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police regarding the development of the National Cybercrime Coordination Centre to ensure improved information on cybercrimes in Canada;
    • Improve data on hate crime and hate incidents;
    • Continue to monitor and analyze information on unfounded criminal incidents and make recommendations as needed.