Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Well-being

    Mandate (new in 2014):

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    To provide leadership in adopting and promoting a comprehensive, inclusive approach addressing the root causes of crime and social disorder.

    Strategic Priorities/Objectives:

    1. Support the Coalition on Community Safety, Health and Well-being,
    2. Knowledge transfer, in order to advocate a better understanding of crime prevention through social development,
    3. Outreach and education, in order to garner support for crime prevention, and
    4. Leading on specific issues.

    Significant Accomplishments 2015/2016:

    • Finalized mandate, strategic objectives and membership profile. 
    • Examined opportunities to coordinate crime prevention with mental health interventions, domestic and intimate partner violence initiatives and youth radicalization interventions. 
    • Worked with TELUS to develop a preventative and proactive initiative to combat cyber crime targeting teens. 
    • Developed the National Framework for Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence to provide police services across Canada to inform policy and action designed to keep families and communities safer. Chief Fitch and Dr. Carmen Gill submitted and published article on the National Framework in the Canadian Police Chief magazine
    • Participated in the CACP Take 5 videotaping of Committee work highlights.
    • Assisted Western University and Carleton University research on police response to sex offenders.

    Initiatives Planned for 2016/2017:

    • Develop communication strategy to promote the National Framework for Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence.
    • Expand functional use of Committee web-site.
    • Discuss coordination of crime prevention efforts with mental health interventions and police interactions with person with mental illness.
    • Explore opportunities to co-ordinate crime prevention and youth radicalization interventions.