Ethics Committee


    To promote appropriate ethical behaviour in the Canadian law enforcement community.

    Strategic Priorities/Objectives:

    1. To promote ethical and professional leadership amongst the CACP membership.
    2. To provide or identify learning opportunities for police organizations that enhances ethical decision-making in member organizations.
    3. To provide CACP members with information about learning opportunities available through other organizations.
    4. To identify and provide information on best practices in ethical decision-making.
    5. To provide a link to other entities that support ethical organizational development.
    6. To provide advice on ethical issues to the Board of Directors of the CACP.

    Significant Accomplishments 2015/2016:

    • Meetings included discussions to define outcomes and closure to the Professionalism in Policing research and report and presentations on Agency Wide Approaches to Ethics, The Ethical Impact of Social Media and Increased Public Accountability on Policing and an overview of the Professionalism in Policing literature review.
    • Prepared for launch of 2nd PIP survey.
    • Article published on How to encourage reporting of professional misconduct.
    • Worked with CPKN to develop ethics and professionalism e-learning products based on survey results.

    Initiatives Planned 2016/2017:

    • Complete literature review from the PIP study and prepare article A New Model of Police Professionalism.
    • Continue delivery of training at recruit and senior officer and executive levels and host a joint CACP/CPC/OPS annual ethics session
    • Conduct a second survey on Professionalism in Policing
    • Meet with the CACP Research Foundation to discuss formalizing working relationships with researchers.