Use of Force Advisory Committee


    Provide advice and counsel on matters related to police use of force, including consideration of use of force technology and use of force modalities such as techniques, policies, procedures and practices. 


    1. Improve police encounters with persons who are emotionally disturbed or suffering from mental illness and its intersection with police use of force and use of force training.
    2. Improve use of force reporting that benefits police training, policy, and tactics through accurate comprehensive data.
    3. Promote use of force training-in with emphasis on de-escalation training.

    Significant Accomplishments 2017-2018

    • Received regular updates and remained in close contact with the Ontario government on police use of force models and police use of force training.
    • Reviewed the history of the current National Use of Force Framework to assist in the development of a national approach to help officers make decisions about whether to use force and what force options to use.
    • Represented the CACP on the Ontario government technical committee on use of force to assist in the identification of impacts that changes to Ontario’s use of force model will have for Canadian policing.
    • Made a presentation at the 2018 CACP Annual Conference on language and terminology around police use of force used by police officers including police trainers and the effect that can have on the public perception of police to promote alignment with the Chiefs’ emphasis on a police culture of service, support and protection with an overall emphasis on the preservation of life.
    • Examined how best to represent the committee on the CACP website.

    Initiatives Planned for 2019

    • Monitor the work that the Ontario Ministry is leading and continue the discussion regarding de-escalation training and practices.
    • Review and monitor mental health strategies police agencies are implementing.
    • Continue the discussion regarding a national use of force reporting guideline with a focus on the benefits of consistent research, training, and policy to assist in improving public trust and transparency.
    • Revisit use of force training, following up on the committee presentation to the 2018 CACP Annual Conference.