Policing with Indigenous Peoples Committee


    Consider matters relating to sustainable policing services and enhanced public safety for Indigenous peoples and their communities throughout Canada.


    1. Support a measured and consistent approach to large-scale protest management;
    2. Support the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Inquiry;
    3. Support the First Nations Policing Program (FNPP).

    Significant Accomplishments 2017-2018

    • Supported the First Nations Policing Program (FNPP) and the Assembly of First Nations commitment to make community safety and policing a priority in an MOU signed with Canada.
    • Started the development of a best practices document to ensure police preparedness for large-scale protests and continued situational awareness for protest events across the country.
    • Continued support of practical and culturally competent training and policing services that Indigenous people support.  For example, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Eagle Feather Initiative was created in the spirit of reconciliation and community engagement to offer witnesses, victims, suspects, and officers an alternative form of swearing to an oath. Committee members were provided with materials to support implementing similar initiatives in their police services.
    • Continued support for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Inquiry.
    • Discussed research that can be used to help Canadian police to become better equipped to address higher incarceration rates for Indigenous populations and address the Calls for Action as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

    Initiatives Planned for 2019

    • Develop a large-scale protest best practices document that will address any and all protests and will not be limited to Indigenous protests.
    • Provide continued support to the MMIWG inquiry throughout their 6-month extension.
    • Identify, in consultation with Public Safety Canada, sources of funding that could benefit First Nations Policing Services.