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Firearms - Special Purpose Committee


Produce a report outlining the situation and trends of criminal gun sourcing, gun-related issues hampering police investigations, and offer potential options to address these issues.


The work of this committee is structured based on four key pillars:

  1. Strategic Approaches: A coordinated effort nationally will help focus operational efforts to limit firearm related offences and impact in our communities.  This committee draws together resources focused on Intelligence gathering.
  2. Legislative Initiatives: This committee looks at the current firearm situation from a legislative standpoint to identifiy potential enhancements or changes to laws and regulations.
  3. Education and Prevention: This effort must include community, industry and agencies to effectively provide messaging and education that enhances safety in our community.  This pillar must focus on a clear understanding of current legislation as well as preventative proactive work to reduce victimization.
  4. Data Collection and Information Sharing: Data collection will be the foundation upon which assessment and decisions will be made.  The collection, collation and reports drawn on national data need to provide relevant and fact-based evidence that will serve as a baseline for strategy.


Chief Evan Bray and Deputy Chief Bill Fordy 

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