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Information & Communications Technology Committee


Identify issues of concern, recommend courses of action, and respond to requests for action regarding information management, communications and technology to enhance the safety of both the public and public safety responders.


  1. Promote and recommend Information Management (IM) and interoperability best practices and standards among public safety partners in Canada, as well as internationally, to enhance the safety of both the public and public safety responders;
  2. Encourage the CACP’s involvement in promoting information and communications technology opportunities and solutions that serve police and public safety requirements and to advance best practices among members within the law enforcement community, public safety partners, and, where necessary, through the criminal justice system; and
  3. Monitor emerging technologies and trends for their impacts on policing best practices and to determine how they can be applied to improve the quality and effectiveness of policing and public safety.


Chief Superintendent Doug Ross and Mr. Akram Askoul


  • Analytics
  • Next Generation 9-1-1 Tri-service Data Sharing Working Group

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