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Psychological Services Committee


Respond to issues and trends in mental health assessment, treatment, research, training, and policy associated with policing.


  1. Facilitate an exchange of ideas, procedures, and best practices between police agencies across Canada.
  2. Assist the CACP in advancing research and the general knowledge of mental health in policing through regular information briefs, presentations, and consultation with CACP member organizations.
  3. Advance the discipline of police psychology by providing and promoting ethical and effective practices within the CACP and for the public at large.
  4. Advocate for policy, legislative, and procedural improvements to support the mental health of police members and the continued growth and development of wellness practices within police services across Canada.
  5. Establish liaisons and key partnerships with other organizations as may be beneficial in achieving the objectives of the CACP.


Dr. Kyle Handley and Dr. Randy Mackoff

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