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The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police includes an extensive series of committees dedicated to dealing with a wide range of issues important to public safety and security and to improving Canadian policing and the criminal justice system. In this regard, CACP committees make meaningful and useful contributions in a number of areas to help advance our national strategic policing priorities and monitored issues.

General Standing Committees

The association currently has the following general standing committees:

Special Purpose Committees

The association currently has the following special purpose committees:

Partner Committees

CACP members also sit on national and international committees where they share their knowledge and experience with a focus on advancing policing in Canada and around the world.  

The CACP is represented on the following partner committees:

Joining A Committee

If you are interested in becoming a member of a CACP Committee please login into your profile on our website and click on  “Join a Committee”. We will forward the information to the respective Committee Chair.