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Candidate Eligibility Criteria

Candidate Eligibility Criteria

  1. Be a CACP member in good standing.
  2. Hold a senior executive level position such as Deputy Chief, Superintendent, or equivalent.  (Note: Consideration will also be given to recently appointed Chiefs of police who may be interested in developmental opportunities.)
  3. Plan to stay active in the field of policing for a minimum of 5 years.
  4. Hold a bachelor degree or have equivalent career experience and education.

Candidate Application Process

Produce a written application addressing the following program requirements:

  1. A description of career goals and steps taken to achieve them;
  2. A demonstration of commitment to life-long learning;
  3. An outline of learning and mentoring needs as well as expectations from the program to facilitate alignment with a mentor;
  4. A confirmation of commitment to participate in all program sessions and activities;
  5. A resume (no more than 4 pages);
  6. A photograph (headshot of publishable quality); and
  7. A letter of endorsement from the Chief of police or equivalent.

Candidate Selection Process

  1. The Executive Director of the CACP will review the applications and will provide the CACP Executive Committee with the names of applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and for whom the CACP has received a complete written application.
  2. The CACP Executive Committee will approve the candidates based upon:
    1. The candidate meeting the program criteria;
    2. The application package meeting the specfied criteria;
    3. Availability of seats in the program session;
    4. Consideration of the CACP’s focus on fostering authentic inclusion.
  3. Where the number of qualified applicants exceeds the maximum capacity of the program, the CACP Executive Committee will create a waiting list and assign the order of admission should a vacancy occur.
  4. Where an applicant has been approved for admission to the program and no space is available, they will be given preference in a subsequent program.