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CACP National Police Award for Traffic Safety

The National Police Award for Traffic Safety recognizes excellence, dedication and initiative in the field of traffic safety by enforcement officers across Canada. The purpose of this award is to identify and commend active enforcement personnel for their work to improve road safety and to encourage others to implement new initiatives or publicize those in which they are already involved. The award is specific to an outstanding achievement completed or reaching a significant milestone within the previous calendar year. Best practices collected through the award process are shared broadly with Canada’s police community.

This award is sponsored by Accident Support Services International Ltd.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Sworn, full-time Canadian federal, provincial and municipal police officers, including military and transportation police services, as well as sheriffs are eligible.
  • Individuals and groups within agencies such as divisions, sections and detachments are eligible.
  • Police-led initiatives conducted in partnership with community groups may also be nominated.
  • The nomination must be endorsed by a senior officer.

Selection Criteria

  • Nominee(s) will have made an outstanding contribution to road safety during the previous calendar year through education, enforcement, training and/or community-based programs.
  • Submissions must show clear support for road safety initiatives and show results of that work.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations must be submitted to the CACP by April 15th.
  • Download and complete the Nomination Form, including the signature of the chief of police or the senior executive-in-charge of the individual(s) being nominated.
  • Electronic submissions are encouraged. Email the completed Nomination Form to .
  • Support material such as videos, CDs and promotional material may be mailed separately to:  Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, 300 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario K2K 0E3. Please include a clear reference to the nomination submitted electronically.

Selection Process

  • The CACP National Office will submit the nominations received to the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee consists of members of the CACP Traffic Safety Committee and of the Canada Safety Council.
  • The winning nominee(s)’ chief of police or senior executive-in-charge will be contacted, and an invitation will be sent to the winning nominee(s) with details about the award ceremony.


  • April 15th: Deadline to submit nominations.
  • May 31st: Deadline for the Selection Committee to complete the evaluation process.
  • June: The winning nominee(s) is/are notified.
  • August: The award will be announced/presented at the CACP Annual Summit. (Note: Travel will be provided to the winning recipient(s).)

Nomination Form