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CACP Award of Excellence for Combating Organized Crime

This award is intended to recognize and reward the contributions of individuals and/or teams who have exhibited excellence, innovation and initiative to detect, disrupt, and dismantle criminal organizations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual members and teams from Canadian police services, as well as federal, provincial and/or municipal regulatory and law enforcement agencies are eligible to be nominated and receive this award.
  • The nomination must be endorsed by the chief of the police service or the senior executive-in-charge of the individual(s) being nominated.

Selection Criteria

  • The investigation/initiative must have impacted the operational capacity of a recognized criminal organization/group that has been identified as an enforcement priority by the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime Committee or Criminal Intelligence Service Canada.
  • Recipient(s) will be selected based on the overall impact of the investigation/initiative on the quality of life in the jurisdiction(s) affected by the illicit activities of the criminal organization/group investigated.
  • Consideration will also be given to the following:
    • engagement of regulatory and community partners
    • use of public awareness initiatives/campaigns to inform the public
    • statistical data and community feedback
    • the dedication, initiative and innovation utilized to realize the objectives of the investigation/initiative

Nomination Process

  • Complete the Nomination Form in full, including the signature of the chief of police or the senior executive-in-charge of the individual(s) being nominated.
  • It is optional to prepare and submit a backgrounder document (maximum of 2 pages) to support your nomination. This backgrounder will be complementary to the Nomination Form.
  • Submit the completed Nomination Form and backgrounder (if applicable) to the CACP National Office by email at .

Selection Process

  • The CACP National Office will submit the nominations received to the Evaluation Committee, appointed by the CACP Organized Crime Committee.
  • The Evaluation Committee will review the nominations and, after giving consideration to the objective, eligibility criteria and selection criteria for the award, put forward a recommendation to the Organized Crime Committee.
  • Upon approval of the CACP Organized Crime Committee, the winning nominee(s)’ chief of police or senior executive-in-charge will be contacted, and an invitation will be sent to the winning nominee(s) with details about the award ceremony.
  • The award will be announced/presented at the CACP Annual Conference.


  • April 15th: Deadline to submit nominations
  • May 15th:  Deadline for the Selection Committee to submit a recommendation to the CACP Organized Crime Committee
  • May 31st: Deadline for the Organized Crime Committee to approve the recommendation
  • June: The winning nominee(s) is/are notified.
  • August: The winner(s) will be announced/honoured at the CACP Annual Summit.

Nomination Form