CACP International Policing Award

    The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) recognizes the important contributions made by Canadian police services in global matters and is proud to establish the International Policing Award.  The award rewards Canadian law enforcement personnel for their exceptional dedication and initiative in using Canadian policing skills to contribute to a safer world, and seeks to encourage more Canadian police services to contribute to and work on the international scene.



    Open to any CACP affiliated member, agency or team who has made an outstanding contribution to one or more of the following in the last calendar year:

    a) Fostering closer cooperation between Canadian police agencies and international partner(s);

    b) Working on a successful multinational investigation, demonstrating knowledge of the complexity and global effect of the investigation;

    c) Contributing to foreign law enforcement capacity building, possibly through innovative projects, fostering democratic principles and respecting the Rule of Law;

    d) Contributing to Canadian policing, public safety and criminal justice through the identification, interpretation and application of global policing experience(s);

    e) Contributing outside of normal duties to a project that fosters Canadian values and projects a positive image of police in society.


    Nominations may be submitted by any active member of an accredited agency belonging to the CACP.  Submit this nomination form, which will include references to the nature of the work done internationally and the role played by the nominee, as it relates to the award criteria.  Every submission will undergo peer review by a sub-committee of the CACP International Committee for review and final selection.  The complete award application package including all supporting material must be submitted electronically (preferred method) to cacp@cacp.ca no later than April 27th, 2018 or to:

    Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
    International Committee
    300 Terry Fox Drive, Unit 100
    Kanata, ON
    K2K 0E3


    The winner(s) will be honoured at the CACP Awards Ceremony taking place during the CACP Annual Conference.  Recipients will be presented with an award noting their achievements.



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