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Guidance on Candidate Selection

This program applies a collaborative, creative, and design-thinking problem-based learning model that will develop new and enhanced lateral thinking skills, and an ability to see connections and their impacts differently. It will require research, including the learning and application of new qualitative methods, and a fair degree of rigour and scholarship.  In the absence of residential sessions in this fully virtual model, candidates must be able to devote sufficient time to attend periodic virtual engagement learning sessions, along with the self-directed online study and team collaboration involved, anticipated to require about 4 hours minimum per week in total throughout the program’s duration.

The program aims to include a mix of sworn and civilian members of Canadian police services, widely representative of all demographics and police functions, and with at least 10-15 years of career runway remaining ahead of them.  Ideal candidates will be at the ranks of Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, or similar sworn or civilian equivalents.  Exceptions on rank may be made on the discretion of nominating agency executives, and on approval by the CACP.

All candidates for the program are subject to CACP approval.  To assist with candidate approvals, nominees are encouraged to include with their Registration Form a 1-2 paragraph bio, outlining relevant work and study experience, along with reasons for their own and their agency’s interest in the CACP Strategic Foresight program.