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CACP Information and Technology Summit

posted on Nov 3, 2023

Advancing Ethically through Digital Disruption: Innovation and Public Trust

**Please note summit sessions will only be offered in English**

This summit will explore innovative approaches in technology that continue to transform policing practices. It is vital to address the ethical implications and create a future that upholds justice, fairness, and inclusivity.

Through discussion and collaboration, the conference seeks to foster a dialogue on responsible, ethical, and equitable technology adoption to advance service delivery.

Presentations will focus on intelligent policing, the ethical use of new and evolving technologies such as AI and VR, risk management and cyber security, automation for efficient service delivery, and balancing innovation and impact. 

The summit will;

  • Explore Emerging Technologies: Provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in technology, including emerging trends and innovation.
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency: Help participants understand how technology can improve operational efficiency, streamline processes, and optimize resource allocation within their respective agencies.
  • Address Cybersecurity Challenges: Focus on the importance of cybersecurity in law enforcement operations, highlighting strategies, tools, and best practices to protect sensitive data and combat digital threats.
  • Foster Collaboration and Information Sharing: Encourage networking and knowledge exchange among agencies, fostering collaboration to enhance information sharing, interoperability, and joint operations through technology platforms.
  • Promote Ethical and Responsible Use of Technology: Discuss the ethical considerations and potential challenges associated with adopting new technologies, emphasizing the importance of responsible and accountable use to maintain public trust and privacy.
  • Acquire Tool Kits and Valuable Takeaways: Provide participants with comprehensive tool kits and valuable insights to empower them on their journey towards success, equipping them with practical resources and actionable knowledge.

Target Audience

Public safety leaders, practitioners & I.T. leadership from:

  • Police Executive Members (inclusive of Chiefs, Deputies, Senior Officers, and Civilians)
  • Police Board Members 
  • Law Enforcement Technology Practitioners & I.T. Leadership
  • Justice Partners
  • Privacy Commissioners and Ombuds
  • Other public safety providers
  • Government agencies (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal)
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Industry partners