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Police Constable - Recruit - New Westminster Police Department

Province: New Westminster, British Columbia
Position: Police Constable - Recruit
Deadline: May 29, 2024
Posted: February 29, 2024

Job Description / Duties

What your key role will be

As a Recruit, you’ll develop your policing skills during recruit training at the Justice Institute of British Columbia before completing real-world training with a Field Training Officer. You’ll learn about criminal and provincial laws, use of force techniques, the safe use of firearms, emergency vehicle operation, and many other important skills needed as a police officer. In addition to this, your role will include:

Adaptability: You’ll adapt, thrive, and maintain effectiveness in the face of changing circumstances or unexpected situations. You’ll continuously learn and apply knowledge of policing policies, procedures, and authority associated with a wide range of calls for service. In policing, you never know what the day will bring you and you need to be able to adapt and overcome.

Assertiveness: You’ll communicate your thoughts and needs clearly, confidently, and respectfully. You’ll work within our community, providing a visible presence to reassure the public and deter crime. You’ll confidently take control of situations, establish boundaries, and use de-escalation techniques.

Communication: You’ll convey information effectively and listen to others. You’ll be able to successfully communicate in writing, conversation, and through your body language. You’ll prepare reports to Crown Counsel, interview those involved in police incidents, arrest suspects, and testify in court. You’ll engage with those within our community to build relationships.

Conflict Management: You’ll develop working relationships aimed at preventing, addressing, and constructively resolving conflicts. You’ll use de-escalation communication techniques when appropriate or use the necessary level of force as needed to stop an individual from harming themselves or others.

Decision-Making: You’ll make informed and effective choices in various situations while assessing options, considering alternatives, and employing sound judgment to arrive at optimal decisions. As a front-line officer, you will engage in complex calls for service where quick decision-making skills will be necessary to choose the best course of action for those involved. You’ll have the ability to navigate discretion and common sense when dealing with the community.

Ethical Accountability & Responsibility: You’ll take responsibility for your actions and decisions while upholding ethical principles and standards. You’ll ensure there is sufficient evidence or legal authority to take action. As a police officer, you’ll always do what is right regardless of who is watching.

Leadership: You’ll lead, inspire, and influence others to collectively pursue a shared goal. You’ll build and improve relationships in the community to identify individuals and locations at risk of being involved in crime. You’ll be able to navigate relationships and situations using emotional intelligence.

Planning & Organization: You’ll think ahead, set clear goals, prioritize tasks, coordinate activities, and allocate resources efficiently and appropriately. You’ll conduct full investigations, including taking statements, interviewing suspects, writing search warrants, and gathering other evidence.

Risk Management: You’ll identify potential risks, assess their impact, and take appropriate action to minimize or mitigate their adverse effects. You’ll consider the health and safety of yourself and others when deciding on a course of action.

Stress Tolerance: You’ll manage and cope with pressure, uncertainty, and challenges while maintaining composure and focus. You’ll respond to a variety of emergencies, attend accidents, and keep the peace at community events.

Teamwork: You’ll collaborate and work effectively with others to achieve shared goals. You’ll work with your team to navigate complex investigations or work with community stakeholders as a means to navigate community issues. You’ll recognize and appreciate the entire team, sworn and civilian, working within the NWPD.

Valuing Diversity: You’ll recognize, respect, and collaborate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. You’ll apply principles of bias-free, trauma-informed policing when interacting with victims, witnesses, and suspects.

Qualifications / Required Skills

What you bring to this role

You’ll have experience and success in many of the following areas:

- You are 19 years of age or older
- You are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada
- You have completed Grade 12
- You have completed a minimum of 30 post-secondary credits or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience
- You have a valid Class 5 Driver’s Licence
- You have a valid First Aid Certificate with CPR Certificate (At Minimum: Standard First Aid with CPR Level C)
- You meet our minimum vision and hearing standards
- You can share and demonstrate your experiences in the area of our competencies
- You have a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and can pass a Police Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT)
- You pass and maintain a security clearance, including a background investigation with a polygraph, medical examination, and psychological evaluation

Additional Information

What we can offer you

- An exciting and challenging career
- A competitive compensation package
- An organization supportive of work-life balance as highlighted through scheduling, vacation leave, and other secondary leave
- A comprehensive extended benefit package and municipal pension plan
- Personal and professional development with enhanced training programs, leadership development, and educational opportunities and funding
- Career opportunities and flexibility with numerous internal positions, secondments with provincial and federal units, and personalized career pathway planning
- Access to an onsite fitness facility
- Supportive leaders and co-workers who care about you and your family’s health and wellness
- Centrally located in the lower mainland of British Columbia
- One block away from Columbia Skytrain Station
- Free staff parking
- A work environment giving you the ability to connect one-on-one with our staff, including police officers, civilian members, and senior leadership team

What we’ll accomplish together

As a police officer working within the City of New Westminster, you will serve a population with immense community spirit, who appreciates the high level of service offered by the NWPD. Policing is a career like no other. It brings excitement, variety, and a challenge. The person you are, the work you will do, and the role you will play in this organization matters. You will become part of the NWPD family and join our group of diverse and talented people who truly want to make a difference.

If you are excited and curious to learn more about this opportunity, please apply – we would love to hear from you!

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Number of Positions: Ongoing

Employment Status: Full-Time

Union: NWPOA

Department: Administrative Services, JIBC – Police Academy, NWPD

Salary: 4th Class Constable - $83,777 (2022 Rate)

Hours of Work: After graduation from the Police Academy, this position starts with a rotating schedule (4 on/4 off) with 12-hour shifts


1. NWPD Police Constable Application (APPLICATION - LAST NAME, First Name)
2. NWPD Security Clearance Questionnaire (SCQ - LAST NAME, First Name)
3. NWPD Consent Form (CONSENT - LAST NAME, First Name)


To support a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community; women, Indigenous Peoples, racialized individuals, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (LGBTQ2S+), persons with disabilities, and others who may contribute to the diversity of our workforce, are encouraged to express their interest. New Westminster is on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Halq'eméylem-speaking peoples. It is acknowledged by the City that colonialism has made invisible their histories and connections to the land. We are learning and building relationships with the people whose lands we are on. We thank all applicants for their interest and advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

This position is only open to those with Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency in Canada.

Salary: 4th Class Constable - $83,777 (2022 Rate)

Contact Information

NWPD Recruiting Unit

Employer Profile

Are you looking for a policing career with an established, family-oriented, and progressive organization? The New Westminster Police Department may be the place for you! We are looking for compassionate and service-oriented people that reflect the diversity of our community. We are seeking those with a strong desire to help others, are capable of thriving in a constantly evolving environment, and enjoy working with a close-knit team.

The NWPD is a mid-sized police department with over 200 employees. We are committed to having a professional and supportive workplace promoting employee equity, wellness, and fulfillment. We are a hard-working and welcoming team focused on doing great work and serving our community.