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Chief Bryan Larkin appeared before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, on behalf of the CACP Board of Directors, to present a CACP submission on systemic racism.

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2020-2021 CACP Electoral Commission Final Report

The July 2020 edition of the SME Research Brief: Risk Assessment for Intimate Partner Violence  is now available.

CACP members Chief Peter Sloly and Chief Dale McFee represented their respective police service as they appeared before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to discuss systemic racism in policing in Canada. Click here to access Chief Sloly's presentation. Click here to access Chief McFee's presentation.

The CACP and Statistics Canada issue a joint statement on the collection of data on Indigenous and ethno-cultural groups in Canada's official police-reported crime statistics

Report of the CACP Special Purpose Committee on the Decriminalization of Illicit Drugs: Decriminalization for Simple Possession of Illicit Drugs: Exploring Impacts on Public Safety & Policing

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CACP Police Executive Mentorship Program

09/15/20 - 12/15/20

CACP Police Executive Mentorship Program


Gangs and Organized Crime

02/22/21 - 02/25/21

To inform, train, and share information on gangs and organized crime-related violence, trends and investigative techniques.


CACP National Human Trafficking Symposium

12/05/21 - 12/07/21

Moving Forward Together A Collaborative Approach to Ending Human Trafficking


Media Updates

CACP submission to the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on systemic racism

Chief Bryan Larkin represented the CACP Board of Directors to present the CACP submission on systemic racism in policing in Canada.


Joint Statement Signals Significant Statistical Enhancement for Canada’s Criminal Justice System

A CACP & Statistics Canada joint statement committing to working with the policing community & key organizations to enable police to report statistics on Indigenous & ethno- cultural groups in police-reported crime statistics on victims & accused persons.


Canada's police leaders recommend adopting a public health led diversionary approach to illicit substance use

The CACP announced its recommendation that all police agencies in Canada recognize substance abuse and addiction as a public health issue to help reduce drug overdoses and its endorsement of the decriminalization of personal possession of illicit drugs.