Webinar - Familial Abuse and Human Trafficking: A Crime Against Children


    **Please note the webinar will only be offered in English**



    The opportunity to understand familial abuse through first-hand lived experience.

    Michelle Abel shares her life story broken down into three stages: Early Childhood, Teen Years, and Adulthood.

    During this webinar Michelle will touch on the impacts of family environments that create vulnerabilities in children and the developmental issues of abused children. She will provide an in depth understanding of abusers; signs and indicators for law enforcement to identify familial trafficking; psychological effects of abuse on victims; and communities and cultural issues that facilitate abuse. Michelle will explain how the aforementioned topics correlate to her own lived experiences and that of other victims, as well as provide her own views on possible solutions for law enforcement.  

    Please join us to better understand the challenges being faced by many across our country and what we can do to help.


    Who should attend

    • law enforcement
    • correctional officers
    • probation officers
    • judges, prosecutor, and public defenders


    Featured Presenter

    Ms. Michelle Abel


    Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
    Time: 13:00 to 15:00  Eastern Time
    Cost: $100 per person (plus applicable taxes)