• Webinar - Trauma Informed Policing

Virtual Training Seminar - Trauma Informed Policing: Understanding The Neurobiology of Trauma


**Please note the webinar will only be offered in English**

Advances in neuroscience have facilitated a greater understanding of the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of trauma, including the impacts on the brain, body and self.  These developments in neurobiological knowledge have enormous implications for the justice system and can help move us towards enhanced and more effective institutional and legal responses.

Working effectively with victims of sexual violence requires a critical foundation of understanding the key brain circuitries altered by fear and trauma.  It is now more fully understood that memories associated with a traumatic experience are encoded in the brain differently than the way normal memories are encoded.

In many cases the typical responses and demeanour of traumatized victims, as well as the patterns of recall associated with trauma, are not well understood by police, members of the legal system, and the general public.  Too often the failure to understand trauma and its impact is erroneously assumed to undermine the credibility or authenticity of a victim’s report.

Trauma-informed practice involves more than adhering to a set of abstract principles. It requires a thorough understanding of the complex and diverse alterations in the many domains of a traumatized person’s development and coping.  Knowledge about the neurobiology of trauma can play an essential role in supporting healing work, as well as the pursuit of accountability and justice.   

Learning Outcome #1:  Understand the neurobiological effects of trauma on victim behavior during and after a sexual assault

Learning Outcome #2:  Neurobiological understanding of the nature of traumatic memories and the implications for police investigations

Learning Outcome #3: Trauma Informed techniques for interviewing and evidence collection


Who should attend
      -Detectives, Detective Sergeants, Constables, Supervisors


Featured Presenter

Dr. Lori Haskell
Clinical Psychologist


Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021
Time: 11:00 to 14:00  Eastern Time
Cost: $100 (plus applicable taxes)