• ICT 2020

The CACP Information and Communications Technology Committee Summit

ICT Blue Team Summit: Transformation.Sustainability.Community Safety.Humanizing Technology

**Please note summit sessions will only be offered in English**


Click here for the Conference Agenda

Summit Objectives

  • Discover how to avoid an NG9-1-1 disaster
  • Enhance your Cyber Security to build a taller wall
  • Explore meeting officer expectations in the Digital World
  • Discover how Digital Notes vary from Digital Footprints – What makes sense for your organization?
  • Study how others have used Cloud Platform implementations to create value and drive police innovation
  • Receive guidance in Storing Protected B in the Cloud 
  • Investigate Interoperability and data sharing – Operationalizing CCSIMS 
  • See the PSBN (Public Safety Broadband Network) roadmap and what it means to you 
  • Learn about real world application of Robotic Process Automation, Chat bots, Virtual assistants
  • Acquire Tool Kits and valuable takeaways to help you on your journey to success
  • Receive insights on predictive analytics, privacy and other emerging issues for police organizations – and learn why an Ethics framework is necessary
  • Discover how equity, diversity and inclusion play a role in humanizing our technology
  • Study the successful approach of innovators in law enforcement


Target Audience

Law Enforcement leaders, Practitioners and IT leadership from:

  • Police
  • Justice
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Other public safety providers
  • Government agencies (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal)
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Industry