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    Day 1 – Tuesday, May 14th: Launch of Canada Road Safety Week

    English Banner

    Bilingual banner

    Day 2 – Wednesday, May 15th: Stop Alcohol-impaired Driving

    Alcohol-impaired driving

    Day 3 – Thursday, May 16th: Stop Fatigue-impaired driving

    Fatigue-impaired driving

    Day 4 – Friday, May 17th: Stop Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving

    Day 5 – Saturday, May 18th: Stop Drug-impaired driving (National Enforcement Day)

    Drug-impaired driving

    Day 6 – Sunday, May 19th: Don’t Drive Dangerously

    Dangerous driving

    Day 7 – Monday, May 20th: Stop driving without a seatbelt 

    Driving without a seatbelt