Operation Impact 2019

    October 1114, 2019

    Operation Impact is a public awareness and data collection campaign set to take place over the Thanksgiving weekend, from October 11th - 14th, 2019.  This year's theme is Your Actions Have Impact which emphasizes the role each of us has to play to support traffic safety on the streets and highways in our community. The campaign will once again focus on education and enforcement of impaired driving due to alcohol, drugs and fatigue, the use of seat belts and child car seats, aggressive driving and distracted driving; the main causes of death and injury on Canadian roadways. 

    A toolkit has been produced for all policing partners across the country to help promote events being planned in their respective region, to respond to inquiries, and to generate media and public interest.

    Media Relations

    • The media advisory template is to be used to invite journalists to attend an event you are planning.
    • The news release is to be used to provide the media with an explanation of Operation Impact and the importance of your police service's participation in this campaign.
    • These sample documents were written to be generic enough to be used by any police service. You are invited to personalize them to reflect your agency’s logo and promote your local initiatives during the campaign.
    • We suggest that these media relations documents be produced on your own police agency letterhead.
    • The Facts and Stats Sheet is to be used to complement the advisory and news release and to support your communication efforts with the general public and the media.


    • The English and French posters are available to all to help promote the Operation Impact public education traffic safety campaign.
    • Please post these posters in an area that is visible to your officers as well as members of the public or feature the poster on your website.

    Facts and Stats Sheet

    • This document provides national facts and statistics about the most significant traffic safety issues:  alcohol-impaired driving, drug-impaired driving, fatigue-impaired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving as well as the use of seat belts and child car seats.
    • We suggest that you produce a fact sheet with local statistics to emphasize the importance of traffic safety in your specific community.

    Social Media

    • Use this campaign hashtag #OperationImpact2019
    • Three campaign banners have been created for use on your social media accounts or on your website to promote the campaign.
    • We have produced some proposed tweets that you are invited to use and personalize.

    Access the Operation Impact 2019 Toolkit