Nomination Information

    Key Dates

    May 31, 2018 - All applications due

    June, 2018 - Award winners notified

    August, 2018 - Award presented at annual Conference in Halifax

    Award Goals

    All projects applying for consideration should focus on the achievement of one or more of the following award goals: 

    Emergency Preparedness Program

    Program Goals

    • Development and implementation of unique strategies and/or programs on emergency management and preparedness to keep citizens safe in both natural and man made emergencies.
    • Enhancement of communications within and cooperation among agencies. 
    • Continual improvement of services to the community. 
    • Increased awareness and promotion of community participation. 
    • Effective use of resources.

    Emergency Response Exercise

    Program Goal

    Ensure complete success of any exercise. Success includes not just the planning and implementation of the exercise, but the experience and lessons learned that comes from this practice and the documentation to ensure results of the exercise lead to success during a real incident.

    Application Criteria

    In addition, the following criteria must also be met: 

    • Supporting material to a maximum of 4 pages, singled sided must be submitted for evaluation of assessment committee
    • Local approval to enter must be granted by the senior ranking officer of each agency 
    • Submission(s) demonstrate effective and continuous commitment to leadership in emergency management 
    • Description of the leadership initiative and associated partnerships that have been created or enhanced 
    • Submissions should clearly outline why the project/initiative was undertaken, key components of work plan, identification of partners and activities, and an assessment of results 
    • Additional information on how the initiative will unfold in the future as well as new activities that will be implemented
    • Applicant must be a member of CACP, CAFC, or PCC.


    The award is open to all public safety agencies with the exception of private corporations in a stand-alone capacity. Individuals, teams, or groups such as agencies, divisions, sections, and detachments are eligible. Partnerships between police services, fire, and emergency medical agencies are eligible and encouraged. Cross border teams and those consisting of public/private partnerships are also encouraged.

    To enter, each agency must submit a description of its local project or process detailing how well it has achieved one or more of the five award goals. Agencies may submit multiple applications for multiple projects. Every submission will undergo peer review by a special award panel of public safety professionals. Annually, up to four awards will be presented in categories of Federal/Provincial and Municipal levels.


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