The CACP is inviting applications for new Members

    Membership in the Association is divided into four (4) categories:


    • Active Membership

      • Annual Membership Fees:
        $375.00 +GST/HST
      • Active Membership:
        Eligibility & Benefits
      • Application Form


    • Associate Membership
      • Annual Membership Fees:
        $375.00 +GST/HST
      • Associate Membership:
        Eligibility & Benefits
      • Application Form
    • Life Membership
      • Life Membership: Eligibility & Benefits
      • Voluntary Administrative Fee: $25.00 (taxes included)
    • Honourary Membership
      • Honourary Membership: Eligibility & Benefits

    Forward applications:
    300 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 100, Kanata (Ontario) K2K 0E3
    or Fax: (613) 383-0372

    Your application will be processed, and you will be informed of the decision by the CACP.

    For more information please contact the Membership Assistant
    at the CACP National Office

    Tel: 613-595-1101

    Email: membership@cacp.ca

    Additional Resources

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    Active Membership: Eligibility & Benefitsen65 kb
    Active Membership Application Formen26 kb
    Honourary Membership: Eligibility & Benefitsen67 kb
    Life Membership: Eligibility & Benefitsen88 kb
    Associate Membership: Application Formen26 kb
    Associate Membership: Eligibility & Benefitsen62 kb
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