Counter-Terrorism and National Security Virtual Forum 2021

    **Please note the webinar will only be offered in English**

    Please Note that this is a private event and registration can be denied at the discretion of the CACP Counter Terrorism and National Security Committee.  Notice will be sent out prior to the event should your registration not be accepted and a full refund will be issued. Registrations are on a first come, first served basis.


    Who Should Attend

    • Law enforcement and government agency representatives working in the field of counter terrorism

    • Supervisors/Managers/Executive Cadre


    Session 1 - October 20

    Preparing for and Responding to incidents of Terrorism and Mass Violence: The Victim-Centered Approach

    In early 2018, the CACP CTNS Committee approved the formation of the CACP National Working Group (NWG) – Supporting Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence. The CACP NWG recognized the need and value of developing a victim-centered response to terrorism, mass violence and mass casualty tragedies, which is coordinated with the incident command and major investigation case management systems. This session will provide an overview on:

    •    the needs and issues impacting victims of terrorism and the benefits of a incorporating a victim-centred response into your CT Strategy;

    •    the work of the NWG to date under the “4 Pillars” in relation to planning and response strategies and key deliverables. (Research and Development, Training of Victim Specialists/FLO’s, Policies and Protocols – Support and Use of technology);

    •     the NWG’s participation in an international virtual CT Tabletop Training Scenario (TTX) using immersive technology and the “I AM” concept to test out agencies’ victim’s response plans and member support in major incidents. (the TTX was conducted by the National Police Wellbeing Service (Oscar Kilo), INVICTM and the LinCT-AA; and,

    •     the importance of international partnerships and relationships.


    Session 2 - October 21

    Understanding the FI Threat: Impact on Canada’s National Security 

    In a world of accelerating technological change, economic entanglement, and geopolitical uncertainty, foreign influence has emerged as a key challenge for 21st century governments and societies.  The pursuit by states of influence is a fundamental, enduring feature of international relations.  Countries seek to influence their allies as well as their competitors and adversaries in a range of domains – including diplomatic, economic, informational and military.  However, not all acts of foreign influence are positive.  Foreign state actors continue to use their resources to conduct clandestine, deceptive, or threatening FI activities in Canada.  Democratic institutions and processes around the world, including elections, have increasingly become the targets of foreign threat actors.  Canada’s role as a middle power with the ability to influence like-minded allies and liberal multilateral institutions makes its democratic institutions and processes an especially attractive target of FI activities.  This session delivered by CSIS national security experts will address some aspects of these challenges, such as: what is the actual threat, who is conducting FI activities, why and how, and what lessons has Canada learned so far?


    Date: Wednesday, October 20 & Thursday, October 21, 2021

    Time: 13:00 - 15:00 Eastern Time (on each day)

    Cost: $200/ person (plus applicable taxes)