Communicating on Crime Prevention

    Communicating on Crime Prevention Through Social Development

    The Coalition produced key messages on crime prevention through social development for wide use in raising awareness of the need for a balanced approach to achieving safe, healthy communities in Canada 

    Coalition partners took the opportunity to disseminate information from their perspectives on crime prevention through social development; for example, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association provided a thought-provoking notice on the comparative costs of incarcerating a youth rather than offering recreational activities 

    The Coalition website was also used to publicize the first report of the National Working Group on Crime Prevention 

    Additional Resources

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    Crime Prevention Consolidated Key Messagesen56 kb
    Crime Prevention CPRA's Cost to Incarcerate Youthen140 kb
    Crime PreventionBackgrounden11 kb
    Crime Prevention Selected Factsen25 kb
    Crime Prevention National Working Group Reporten868 kb