Canadian Tri-Services Emergency Management Committee

    Upon agreement by the presidents of the three Associations (CACP, CAFC, PCC) the Canadian Tri-Services Emergency Management Committee came into being on April 1, 2013.

    Mandate :

    This Committee exists to champion integrated, interoperable and unified emergency management:

    1. Through formal relationships, police, fire and emergency medical services (CACP, CAFC, PCC),
    2. In consultation and collaboration with other emergency management partners and agencies,
    3. By promoting and providing tri-services' input in support of the emergency management framework for Canada and associated strategies and action plans, and
    4. Based on an all hazards approach that addresses the prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery pillars of emergency management.

    Significant Accomplishments 2016/2017:

    • Public Safety Canada engaged the CTSEMC in a stakeholder consultation session, seeking members’ input into the next national emergency management plan due for release in 2018.
    • A strategic planning session was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia during the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada annual conference. An updated vision and mission statement is awaiting finalization.
    • Partnered with Motorola Solutions in presenting the 2017 CACP/Motorola Emergency Preparedness Awards by judging the submissions and facilitating the awards process.
    • The committee is grateful to technical advisor, Dr. Kabilan Satyamoorthy for posting many important emergency management discussion topics on the CTSEMC Linkedin web page .

    Initiatives Planned for 2017/2018:

    • Renew the Committee’s strategic plan.
    • Review the CACP Motorola Award criteria.
    • Begin implementation of the action plans for strategic initiatives identified at the 2017 strategic planning session
    • Support the ICT Committee and CITIG in initiatives including Wireless Public Alerting, NG-9-1-1 and Public Safety Network Broadband