• Police Executive Mentorship Program

CACP Police Executive Mentorship Program

Please Note: As a first time Pilot Program all learning sessions and documentation will be provided in english only.

Program Objective

To enhance the knowledge, skill and ability of senior level executives such as Deputy Chiefs,  Superintendents, or equivalent, who have a career goal of becoming a Chief of police or equivalent.

Program Description

The CACP Police Executive Mentorship Program will address six key learning themes:

  1. Preparing for the position
  2. Arriving in the position
  3. Managing and affecting change
  4. Navigating and meeting the challenges of being a Chief of police
  5. Identifying opportunities to lead change
  6. Considering the future position and issues the participant may face

NOTE: Presenters will be drawn from the public, police and private sectors in order to enhance candidate awareness of the importance and value of partnerships.