CACP National Traffic Conference

    Road Safety Strategy 2025: Leading the Way

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    Conference Objective

    To bring together enforcement and road safety stakeholders to share knowledge, best practices, lessons learned and research on current and emerging road safety priorities in Canada.

    The sessions will focus on the following areas from road safety strategy 2025:

    • Road safety risk groups (commercial drivers, young/novice drivers, medically-at-risk drivers);
    • Contributing factors to road crashes and collisions (drugs (cannabis), alcohol, distraction, fatigue, speeding, etc.);
    • Interventions to improve road safety (technology, legislation/regulations, public education & awareness, enforcement, education/training, etc.).

    Target Audience

    • Supervisors Assigned to Traffic-Specific Assignments
    • Senior Officers
    • Key Leaders in Partner Agencies Committed to Traffic Safety
    • Government Leaders / Key Decision Makers / Policy Development Staff