• 114th Annual Conference

114th Annual Conference

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We are pleased to invite you to the 114th Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Annual Conference in Calgary, Alberta, from August 11 – 14, 2019, hosted by the Calgary Police Service.

This year's theme is FROM THE TOP: A Strategic HR Approach. Maintaining trust and confidence in policing in Canada requires addressing trust and confidence issues internally in our organizations.  With the multitude of potential issues, this conference is an invitation to focus on the practices, challenges and trends and how approaching them within a strategic human resource framework can create an environment to improve the health and safety of staff, allowing them to focus on the health and safety of the communities they serve.

The annual conference is an opportunity for police leaders, officers, and public safety partners to support their operational and professional development objectives:

  1. Attend Plenary Sessions and Seminars to gather information and insight from subject matter experts on the key actions, developments, best practices and resources the CACP, its committees, its partners, and/or industry leaders have been working on.
  2. Visit Canada's largest policing Trade Show to learn about the cutting-edge security and policing equipment, techniques, and services available from leading industry experts across Canada and Internationally. While the plenary sessions and seminars are restricted to conference delegates, the trade show, featuring over 150 booths, is open to all police and public safety personnel, free of charge. 
  3. Attend one or more Networking Events where participants can expand their professional connections, renew ties with colleagues, or perhaps find partners and/or mentors who share their challenges and interests.

The annual conference is also an opportunity for CACP members to be actively engaged in their professional association:

  1. Attend the Annual General Meeting where members can exercise their voting rights and determine the new leadership of the CACP and the new resolutions and priorities the association will act on in the coming  year.
  2. Attend the Town Hall where participants can interact with the CACP leadership team and provide feedback on the governance and operations of the CACP as a professional association.
  3. Attend General and Special Purpose Committee meetings where committee members help advance the strategic issues and priorities of the CACP.

Attending the CACP Annual Conference allows you to meet your individual professional objectives, find solutions to meet your agency's operational needs, and help achieve our shared mission to ensure the safety and security for all Canadians through innovative police leadership.